Book of the month: “ Women buying flowers”

Book of the month: “ Women buying flowers”

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that books have the power to transport us to new worlds and inspire us to see life in a different light. “Women  Buying Flowers” by Vanessa Montfort is a book that does just that and much more.

The Power of Dreams

In a hectic and often chaotic world, it is easy to forget to dream. “Women Who Buy Flowers” reminds us of the importance of keeping the flame of our imagination alive. Through the stories of women facing the challenges of everyday life, Montfort invites us to explore the power of our dreams and cultivate our creativity.

Independence and Autonomy

One of the central themes of the book is women's independence. Montfort paints vivid and engaging portraits of strong, determined women fighting for their freedom and autonomy. These women teach us that the road to independence can be full of obstacles but is always worth it in the end.

Keep Dreaming, Keep Conquering 

In a world that often tells us to be practical and rational, “Women Who Buy Flowers” reminds us that there is nothing wrong with dreaming big and pursuing our deepest desires. Through its compelling pages and unforgettable characters, this book encourages us to stay true to our dreams and fight for our happiness and freedom.

Favorite chapters: “Peach Blossom Tentation,” “Chrysalis Theory,” “Paralysis by Analysis,” “The Day Before the Day After,” “The Unpredictable Nature of Rain.” 

Whether you are a woman inhabiting modern life or a man eager to better understand the female point of view, this book will offer you a unique and inspiring perspective. Reading “Women Buying Flowers” is like taking part in an exciting and thrilling journey. You will find yourself immersed in stories of love, loss, hope and rebirth, and at the end you will leave the book with a new appreciation for the power of determination.

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