Life at Babu’ : Our new collection SS24

Life at Babu’ : Our new collection SS24


The new collection represents a revolution in our Babu. Compared to past collections, the instep opening has a more rounded and deeper shape to allow for a better fit and comfort, but also a more appealing look. We have added a rubber injection to our classic leather sole to provide more durability, but we have kept the leather insole unchanged to ensure a comfortable and cool fit at all times.

The spring summer 2024 collection not only features innovations in shoe design, but also in the materials and colors chosen for the uppers. For the nappa leather line we introduced a new color, 'wine' red for elegant and refined looks. For the pony leather line we developed a 'muccata' print, with an urban and evening tone. We also made an addition to the velvet world with the 'midnight babú, a very versatile full-black ballerina, can be paired with an office outfit, but also for elegant evening occasions.

Finally, we have introduced a new summer material, a cotton jersey, with an elegant striped pattern inspired by Saint-Tropez that makes these babú ballet flats perfect for your spring outfits or to take on a beach vacation. As always, all new babús are handmade in Italy, specifically in the historic shoe-making district of Naples. Our passionate craftsmen devote the utmost care to the construction of our ballerinas, and their attention to the smallest details allows us to bring to market a luxury product of excellent quality. 

Some outfit ideas 

Elegant Evening Out: Refinement and Style

Babú ballet flats can be a surprisingly elegant choice for an evening out. Pair them with a white mini dress, a lightweight and refined silk woven midi skirt, or with a blazer. Complete the look with a chic handbag and sophisticated makeup.

Afternoon in the City: Casual and Chic

For an afternoon in the city, ballet flats can be paired in a casual yet chic way. Opt for a pair of jeans, a silk dress or a linen blazer. Complete the look with a leather bag and accessories such as belts for a stylish touch.

Classic and Elegant Look in Linen

For a classic and elegant look, ideal for summer events or elegant evenings, pair babú ballet flats with a linen dress. A linen dress in a neutral shade such as beige or ivory, with a thin belt at the waist, is perfect for accentuating the figure. Complete the outfit with subtle, minimal jewelry.

Office Look : Comfortable and Casual

For a comfortable and casual office look, pair the ballet flats with jeans and a t-shirt or for a somewhat minimal style you can pair our babus with a classic pant.

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