Le Monde Beryl's signature velvet loafers and suede slippers - a blend of classic designs and eclectic materials

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Le Monde Beryl was founded in 2016 by Lily Atherton Hanbury and Katya Shyfrin to reimagine classic shoes from a contemporary perspective. Central to their collection is the traditional Venetian slipper, re-designed with premium velvets, satins and suedes and handmade in Italy. The brand relies on experienced artisans that employ traditional crafting techniques to deliver a product of exceptional quality.

Lily Atherton Hanbury, Katya Shyfrin, founders of Le Monde Beryl, shoe brand with handmade production in Italy.

Lily Atherton Hanbury and Katya Shyfrin, founders of Le Monde Beryl.

What we love about Le Monde Beryl is the combination of creative curiosity and timeless elegance. The brand’s imagery and designs are primarily classic, yet a distinctive oriental inspiration can be found in the details of their beautiful shoes. The premium materials and careful finish on their loafers and slippers are a testament to the skill of their artisans and contribute to the perception that their products are crafted to stand the test of time.

Velvelt Loafers Le Monde Beryl, Regency suede slippers, elegant shoes for the summer

The brand combines classic designs with eclectic materials and prints.

Our favorite Le Monde Beryl shoes are many! Among them, the tiger print velvet venetian slippers, as we love the eclectic design on a classic loafer. The three-strap Mary Jane in silver patent leather is yet another example of how to re-think a traditional shoe with a modern and edgy look. We certainly love their take on the Moroccan slipper, as this type of shoe was central in the inspiration for our own brand. The absolute best however, must be the black leather regency slipper. The minimalist design combined with a perfect finish and attention to details delivers a truly unique and beautiful shoe.

Moroccan slipper by Le Monde Beryl, Black Leather Regency Slipper. Made in Italy slippers and shoes.

The Moroccan slipper and the black leather regency slipper by Le Monde Beryl.

Source: lemondeberyl.com/pages/brand

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