Traditional Shoes | The Friulane

Traditional Shoes | The Friulane

The history of friulane dates back to the rural region of Friuli in Italy, where they were initially crafted from humble materials such as fabric scraps and bicycle tire rubber. Originally worn by Friulian farmers on Sundays, these shoes eventually gained popularity beyond their local origins. Their rise in prominence came when Venetian gondoliers discovered their exceptional comfort and slip-resistant soles, making them ideal for navigating the canals of Venice. The nobility of the Serenissima Republic also took notice, adopting friulane as stylish and practical footwear. Over time, the craftsmanship behind friulane has evolved, with modern interpretations incorporating high-quality materials and innovative designs.

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The friulane: from traditional farmer shoes to iconic summer footwear

Today, friulane have experienced a revival as the perfect summer shoes, becoming a symbol of both tradition and contemporary style. Several brands are at the forefront of producing these iconic summer shoes with a modern twist. One such brand is Vibi Venezia, known for their commitment to traditional craftsmanship and their use of premium materials. Their friulane appeal to fashion-forward individuals seeking a touch of uniqueness. We love how they have utilized the original friulane shape and traditional materials to reinvent other shoes, from sneakers to espadrilles. Another brand offering a wide range of friulane is Velasca, a Milan-based shoe brand characterized by a more classic style and understated aesthetic.

Vibi Venezia, summer shoes brand, friulane summer shoes, made in italy

Vibi Venezia interprets the traditional friulane summer shoes with new designs and materials

With their lightweight construction, friulane are great for warm weather, making them the perfect summer shoes for many. Their versatility also shines through, as they can be easily paired with a variety of summer outfits, from casual shorts to flowing dresses. Whether you're strolling along the beach or exploring an Italian town, friulane shoes offer both style and practicality, making them the go-to option for those seeking the perfect balance between fashion and comfort during the summer season.

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