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About Us

Babú was born in Milan in April 2022 out of our passion for design and Italian craftmanship. Our clear vision is to prioritize quality over convenience and promote the use of unique leathers and fabrics. At the core of our philosophy is a commitment to a slow fashion model, which celebrates the expertise of skilled artisans and allows them to devote the needed time and attention to each pair of shoes. Our collections are small and exclusive, reducing waste and embracing a sustainable approach that safeguards local traditions.


Babú collaborates with a talented community of artisans, designers, and creators mostly located between Milan and Naples, in two of the most renowned footwear districts in the world. Drawing inspiration from the Moroccan babouche, Babú combines an edgy and iconic design aesthetic with the use of premium Italian materials. Our shoes boast unique materials and patterns, setting them apart as a statement of individuality and style.

Babú made its debut during the Milan Design Week in June 2022 at the Zeus Design Store Showroom located at the iconic Garage Blu in Corso San Gottardo, Milano. This milestone marked the beginning of our journey, fueling our passion to contribute to the local fashion environment.

Below you can find a short video of some of the different steps required to produce one of our Babú!

The making

First, premium materials are laser cut with precision to minimize waste. Then, inner and upper parts are hand sewed together to give the unique strength and comfort that characterizes our product. The shoes are then delicately molded around a last, giving them their iconic shape. The natural buffalo insole and outsole are attached using a special cementing method that involves a cork mixture that softens the heel. After a resting period, each pair undergoes final touches, ensuring perfection in every detail.

If you have any doubt inquiry or curiosity please feel free to reach out to us through our contact form or directly on our instagram house.of.babu!