About Us

babú was born in Milan in April 2022 from the belief that quality is preferred over convenience and from confidence in self-expression.

We believe in a slow fashion model that relies on the skilled hands of experienced artisans, allowing them to dedicate precious time and care to the process. For this reason we only offer small and exclusive collections, minimizing waste.

Our production is based in the historic footwear district of Vigevano, about 40km from Milan, where we work with an extremely talented pool of artisans, designers and creators.

We are tied to tradition and projected to the future. Inspired by the Moroccan babouche, we gave babú an edgy and iconic design shaped with premium Italian materials and unique colors or patterns.

Change requires action and with babú we want to champion an ideal of freedom of being, paving the way to a more sustainable future.


How babú are made

From the choice of materials to the crafting of each shoe, the entire process required to create a pair of babú is done with outstanding care. Beside the cutting of the materials, which is made with a no-waste technological process, each babú production step is led by the expert hands of our Vigevano artisans.

Enjoy some shots of the production process below, and discover more content on our Instagram page: house.of.babu


Step 1 | Materials Cutting:

Step 2 | Uppers Sewing:

Step 3 | Shoe Last Making:

Step 4 | Soles Attachment:

Step 5 | Final touches: