Favorite ice cream shops |Fatto con amore, Gnomo, la Romana, Rivareno, Artico, Chocolat

Favorite ice cream shops |Fatto con amore, Gnomo, la Romana, Rivareno, Artico, Chocolat

Milan is a city that never ceases to surprise, and among its hidden corners are some of the best artisanal gelato shops in the country. If you are looking for a unique taste experience, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will guide you through a tour of the ice cream shops that I consider must-visits: “Fatto con amore,” “Gnomo,” “La Romana,” “Rivareno,” “Artico,” and “Chocolat.” Each ice cream shop has something special to offer, whether it is traditional flavors or exploring innovative combinations that tantalize the palate. 

Fatto con Amore

Located in the heart of Milan, this gelateria is a true ode to craftsmanship. As the name suggests, every gelato is made with passion and the highest quality ingredients.

Specialties: Their Bronte pistachio and dark chocolate.

Experience: The atmosphere is cozy and familiar, perfect for a relaxing break during a walk around town.


It is a little hidden gem that combines tradition and innovation. Quality ingredients are the basis of their philosophy.  

Specialty: Try their fior di latte ice cream and don't miss the licorice flavor.

Experience: The decor is modern and minimalist, with service always friendly and helpful. 

La Romana

One of the most historic ice cream shops in Milan, it is known for its long tradition and the quality of its ice creams.

Specialties: The cream flavor since 1947 is a must, along with the gianduja variegated.

Experience: The ambiance is elegant and retro, perfect for immersing yourself in an atmosphere of yesteryear.


It is synonymous with ice cream of excellence. Each flavor is the result of meticulous research and great attention to detail.

Specialties: The mascarpone with caramelized figs is a delight and the dark chocolate extra noir.

Experience: A modern and refined venue, ideal for a moment of pure pleasure.


It is a true laboratory of creativity, where ice cream is made with innovative techniques and the freshest ingredients.

Specialty: Don't miss their basil flavor, fresh and original.

Experience: The environment is young and dynamic, with staff always ready to recommend the perfect flavor.


As the name suggests, Chocolat is heaven for chocolate lovers. But not only that, every ice cream is a unique experience.

Specialties: The extra dark chocolate and stracciatella with crunchy chocolate chunks is irresistible.

Experience: An elegant and modern place, perfect for a gourmet break in the center of Milan.


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